Battery Nutrunner DA2safety

The expert in safety and optimal handling

  • Two-hand operation reduces risks of injury
  • Safety Start Trigger (SST): tool stops automatically when one of the two triggers is released
  •  Comfortable operation due to additional handle
  • Simplified carrying comfort
  • Flexible swivel handle: improved handling of repositioning in case of multiple tightening operations
  • User-friendly for left and right-handed operation, even when wearing gloves on construction sites
  • All DA2 models can be upgraded to DA2 safety

Examples of application

  • 7 sizes up to 8.000 Nm
  • 4-speed gearbox + 15 electric power settings
  • 2 additional loosening stages
  • 5.2 Ah Li-Ion high-power batteries with a permanently 75% higher power output
  • Patented 360° free rotation for completely recoilless working and flexible access to bolted connections)
  • Transparent working through Smart Device: displays the bolting progress and device information
  • Control of fastening operations and torque lock via App grant precise and accurate torque pre-selections
  • Immediate feedback while working through wearables, e.g. smart watches or Augmented Reality Glasses
  • Better corrosion resistance thanks to new nickel-plated surface
  • IoT charger indicates battery charge for more reliable job planning
  • Battery limit control: proactive torque and battery monitoring

The DA2power and DA2 docu models can be upgraded to DA2 safety. 

Basic reaction arm

Pin reaction arm

Slideable reaction arm

More reaction arms

Also available as:

The expert: mobile, fast and easy to handle, for precise fastening operations.

The moving: especially designed for opening and closing of valves and rotating movements.

The specialist: for exact documentation of all fastening applications.