Battery Nutrunner DA2motion

Battery nutrunner DA2motion / handwheel : keep moving what needs to stay in motion

  • High output speed (up to 99 rpm), faster and more precise work thanks to four-speed gear drive
  • Patented fully automatic swivel joint lock: prevents punches on wrists and arms and swivelling of the nutrunner
  • Time-saving  thanks to one single mobile drive solution for all mobile work tasks
  • Digital counter with high resolution in 36 steps for a precise reproducibility and  re-positioning  of the tool
  • Low-vibration and low-noise operation
  • Soft start-up and slow-down for preventing surface damage
  • Reaction arm with bump stop: protecting pressure-sensitive surfaces

Application examples

  • Available in two sizes up to 550 Nm or 1,000 Nm
  • High output speed (up to 99 rpm)
  • Optimal gear ratio thanks to precision planetary gears
  • Battery charge control: Proactive torque and battery monitoring
  • Faster and more precise work thanks to four-speed gear drive
  • 5.2 Ah Li-Ion high-power batteries for permanently 75% higher power output
  • Customized accessory kits for each application

Also available as:

The professional: mobile, fast and easy to handle, for precise fastening operations.

The expert in safety. Two-hand operation minimizes risks of injury .

The specialist: for exact documentation of all fastening applications