Battery Nutrunner DA2docu

The specialist for exact documentation of all fastening applications

  • Comprehensive recording  (time stamps, user, GPS coordinates) with 10,000 memory slots
  • Integrated torque- and gear dependent counter
  • Fastening documentation with optional GPS coordinates for easy tracking- Integrated free rotation
  • Active battery charge indicator
  • Patented 360° free rotation for completely recoilless working and flexible access to bolted connections
  • Transparent working through Smart Device:  displays the  bolting progress and device information-
  • Control of fastening operations and torque lock via App grant precise and accurate torque pre-selections

Application examples

  • 7 sizes up to 8.000 Nm
  • 4 gear stages +15 electronic setting options
  • 2 additional loosening stages
  • 5.2 Ah Li-Ion high-power batteries for permanently 75% higher power output
  • Better corrosion resistance thanks to new nickel-plated surface
  •  IoT charger indicates battery charge for more reliable job planning
  • Battery limit control: proactive torque and battery monitoring
  • Now also available as angle version
  • Can be upgraded to safety-Line

Basic-reaction arm

Pin-reaction arm

Slideable reaction arm

More reaction arms

For suitable accessories click here.

Also available as:

The professional: mobile, fast and easy to handle, for precise fastening operations.

The moving: especially designed for opening and closing of valves and rotating movements

The expert in safety. Two-hand operation minimizes risks of injury .