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Battery nutrunner DA2motion   – proven Plarad quality


Since 1962, Maschinenfabrik Wagner GmbH & Co. KG and their brand Plarad have stood for quality, innovation and reliability in the bolting technology sector.

Offering eight different product lines, from manual torque multipliers to fully automatic bolting systems, Maschinenfabrik Wagner provides the widest range of products available on the market today. You benefit from devices that are perfectly coordinated with each other and obtain all the products you need to satisfy your requirements from a single source.

Open and close valves

Plarad’s success story is closely linked to the continuous development and optimization of its products. Whether in the pulp and paper industry, the petrochemical industry or the water industry powerful, fast, but also easy-to-use tools are needed. That is why we support our customers with our nutrunnerss not only in the area of production and manufacturing of valve, pipe and fitting screw connections, but also in the opening and closing of valves. “Thanks to the close cooperation with our customers and our many years of experience in bolting technology, we have transferred the proven Plarad quality to the valve sector,” says Dirk Schröder-Cicak, Product Manager at Plarad. “With the DA2 motion, we meet all our customers’ requirements for working in a way that is gentle on the user and at the same time fast and effective.”

The Plarad DA2 motion battery-powered gate valve nutrunner is used for opening and closing valves such as butterfly valves, ball valves or gate valves. With a max. output speed of up to 118 rpm, the maintenance of your valves is done quickly and without much time expenditure. Thanks to the smooth smooth start and stop function, not only torsional damage to spindles is prevented, but also pipeline impacts that can lead to system damage and destruction. And at the same time, the DA2 is not only easy to transport, but also easy to handle. “Our slide gate machine can be used directly by the user without extensive training,” explains Schröder-Cicak. “It is immediately ready for use and no elaborate preparatory work needs to be done. That saves time and money.”

Depending on the applications, the Plarad DA2 motion can be optimally adapted to your application with additional accessories, such as the multifunction handwheel claw (universal for all common handwheels, adaptable to 2-5 spokes), the side drive for axle offset with rising spindles or an attachment for above-ground and underground hydrants.

Optional accessories:

  • Motor vehicle voltage transformer for mobile use of the battery charger
  • A set of coupling sleeves for all current valve widths
  • PLARAD Torque Control TC1 (Torque measurement)
  • Customized special adapter between drive and valve (special design)
  • Telescopic reaction arm

Standard scope of supply

  • Quick charger
  • 2 x 5,2 HighPower Li-Ion-batteries
  • Transport trolley